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Ballintoy Harbour

One of my favorite memories of a trip to Ireland.

Nobody is in the shop for a little while so we are not accepting orders. The store will be back in operation in a couple weeks. I hope you have a great holiday season! - Carey

I'm Carey Parks. I make and play pennywhistles and flutes.

There are plenty of whistle makers around today, and frankly I'm not sure the world needs another one. But that's not why I'm offering whistles. I enjoy making things, and I enjoy music. And of course I enjoy playing pennywhistles. The best way to spread that joy is to share my whistles with other players. A number of people have suggested I should sell them, so I created Parks Whistles. In the following web pages you can find details of my whistles. They are grouped into series, which share a common design, and differ only in key. I'm sure I will be adding and dropping whistles and whistle series from time to time I hope you find a whistle that pleases you.

Best regards,

Carey Parks

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Have a listen to what my friends at Folkfriends in Hamburg Germany have to say about the new whistles.

I am going to experiment with keeping the inventory status on the store now becaue I have more things out of stock than in stock. Fear not, I’m going to ramp up again. I'm in the final stages of changing over to new tubing for all my whitles. The new plastic is better for the planet and better for me. Oh, and I think the whistles are better too.

The shipping time says 60 days, because that may be needed if something is out of stock and needs replenished, but typically I can ship product within a week or two.

If you need something by a certian time, ask me when I can get it out. Also check with me if something you want is out of stock to learn when it will again be available.

A customer wrote asking for a fingering chart for my Bb whistle. After replying, I thought I would post the reply here in case it would be helpful to others as well:

I actually have never made any fingerings charts. In fact, I rarely concern myself with the names of the notes. I do know the names of the finger positions on a D whistle, mainly because from time to time an accordion player will mention a certain note by name and I have figured them out enough times that they stuck.

Using the

Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do

approach to naming an 8 note scale, the Fa and the Do are the only two half steps, the rest being separated by whole steps.

So the C scale is:


E to F and B to C both being half steps. As such there are no Fb or Cb notes.

The D scale is:

D E F# G A B C# D
And the Bb scale is:

Bb C D Eb F G A Bb

The fingerings for each of the scales above is the same. All fingers down to all fingers up, then all fingers down again in the next octave.

Getting into the third octave is rare in Irish music, and the whistle gets very screeching when played up there. But one can often find a passible sound for the bottom two notes by trial and error. It is pretty much guaranteed to not be the same as the lower two octaves.

Whistle players most often refer to the D scale names of the fingerings regardless of the whistle they have in their hands on those rare times they need to talk about fingerings.

To play a G scale on a D whistle one needs to manufacture a natural C. Most use the all open C# and add in the top one or two fingers of the bottom hand. Others will shade, or partially cover, the top hole of the whistle.

Here is a link to good chart showing whistle fingerings. (And Grey has a lot of other good stuff on the web.) Since the whistle is a transposing instrument it applies to whatever whistle you pick up. Only the names of the notes will differ.

Hope that helps,

Happy New Year to all! The store is back on-line. Orders will be queued in the ordqer received and shipped according to when the batch of that type of whistle gets finished. Obviously I can’t make batches of all the types of whistles at the same time.

I hope 2018 is a good year for everyone.

Good news! The store will open to take orders in the beginning of January. Check back with me then. In the meantime I am working on making inventory and one or two new whistle models.

More good news. The current host for my store, Square, has added a few countries to their payment processing:

“Card payment acceptance with the Square app is currently available in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We currently don’t support payment card processing outside of these countries or in U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands.”

If you live in a country other than those listed above, send me an email with your desired item(s) and I will send you an invoice from PayPal that you will be able to pay with a credit card.

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We drove to Charlotte a week ago and then to Cincinnati to stay with old neighbors. The forecast seemed to zero in on our neighborhood. Thankfully the reality went 20 miles west. That was the difference between 15 ft storm surge and 130 mph wind and no flooding and 75 mph wind.

The house and shop are fine, but the area has no power and gas is limited. We will return when we can, probably next week.

I already am weary of the name “Irma.” We plan to evacuate Thu, to North Carolina!! The closest La Quinta (pet friendly) room the La Quinta rep could find. This road trip will make the eclipse look like nothing. Take care y'all!

In the past few weeks the shop contents have arrived at the new location. As you see, it is not an operational shop at this point. In fact, I can only find one or two flat blade screwdrivers out of the 17 or so I know I have. The mill is not wired to the lathe yet, and nothing has been organized onto shelves etc. In fact, it’s quite difficult to even walk from one end to the other at the moment.

But with the old house sold last week, I can now turn my attention to sorting things at the new house. Some of that is aimed at the living quarters, some at the shop. So I don’t expect to be making whistles until sometime in October. Most likely later in October.

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Parks Whistles Family Portait

From left: Black Every Eb, Black Every D, Black Walkabout C, Black Walkabout Bb, White Every C, White Every D, White Every Eb, Ghost D

I'm working on whistles made of different materials and of various designs. Each whistle series is made from the same materials to the same design, but the dimensions will of course vary with the key. Click “Whistle Families” title above to see the whistle series and keys currently available.

Just received your multi-whistle set. Holy crap, they are NICE! I don’t know why anyone would spend any more money on a fancy wooden or high-end metal whistle; the sound quality is fantastic. - Thom in New Jersey, Every C, D, Eb set

I've really been enjoying my Everywhistle! I take it in my bag with me everywhere. It has a great sound and feel, is ridiculously durable, and the take apart design just makes it so easy to carry. I've never carried any of my other whistles around as much as this one. - Dominic in Massachusetts, Walkabout C, D set

I received the set and have been unable to put the whistle down. Excellent. Nicely finished, easy to play with good tone through 2 octaves. Best deal going for the money. - Richard in Minnesota, Every C, D, Eb set

It arrived a few days ago, and I'm loving it. Excellent whistle, great sound, very portable. The best part, of course, is the tuning ring, or silencer, or whatever. I'm living in a Japanese apartment with pathetically thin walls, and I can play without my neighbours hating me. Thanks! - Ben in Japan, Walkabout Every whistle

Really enjoy my new whistle, as I'm just learning, your whistle is such a joy to play! After playing other whistles, yours takes the worry out of learning to blow too hard or soft. Thanks again. - Scott from Texas, Walkabout Every whistle

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with the tone and playability of these whistles. There might be a temptation to think of them as novelties, but these are serious, quality instruments. I have a few 'good' whistles in my stable and your's play as good or better. Both whistles handle the upper end of the 2nd octave nicely. My cats have stopped wincing when I hit a high C. I was really impressed with the tone of the C whistle - beautiful. It makes my -censored- sound like a fog horn by comparison. - Lindy from Illinois, Walkabout Every C,D whistle set

The whistle arrived within 5 days. I am quite enjoying it. It is easily matches my Water Weasel, and is perfect for my travels. My cat also appreciates the lower volume capability. Thanks for the lovely whistle. - Chris from Santa Maria, CA, Walkabout Every whistle

The more I play this whistle the more I love it! I can't say enough about how wonderful it is. I've played quite a few high end whistles and I would venture to say this one is pretty darn close to them. I'll be playing at a Scottish festival this weekend and I'm seriously considering using this whistle for a few sets. - Tiffany from Utah, Walkabout Every whsitle

The whistle we bought from you is extremely nice. It has such a nice sound compared to what we have at home. She told me it plays much easier as well. - Rick and Candice from Punta Gorda, FL, Every whistle

The just intonation tube is a dream to play! It has been hard to put it down, but I don't think my neighbor can hear it if I adjust it just right. I need sleep but I gotta whistle! - Phil from Sparta NC , Every whistle

Here's a well thought-out, well executed, straight-up-and-down good whistle! The cut-lines and presentation are exact other other l and d the overall finuh V not only 09 Inc yoni if i vM. ní ish and feel is pleasing. Tone is not clear and pleasant. - Mitch from Australia , Every Whistle yyyytyy6ycivyy7yx-g6 Yamhill t the m