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I'm Carey Parks. I make and play pennywhistles and flutes.

There are plenty of whistle makers around today, and frankly I'm not sure the world needs another one. But that's not why I'm offering whistles. I enjoy making things, and I enjoy music. And of course I enjoy playing pennywhistles. The best way to spread that joy is to share my whistles with other players. A number of people have suggested I should sell them, so I created Parks Whistles. In the following web pages you can find details of my whistles. They are grouped into series, which share a common design, and differ only in key. I'm sure I will be adding and dropping whistles and whistle series from time to time I hope you find a whistle that pleases you.

Best regards,

Carey Parks

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My Mission

Making music with something as simple as a section of pipe with a few holes is magic. I want to share that magic, everyone should know about pennywhistles.

My Guarantee

Love it or return it. If your whistle ever needs repairs, I will work on it for free.

Contact Information

Here is how you can contact me. I have obscured the e-mail addresses to thwart web crawling spam bots, if you have any problems with e-mail just ring me. Telephone432-363-5883 Postal address 7233 Hendry Creek Dr, Ft Myers, FL 33908 Electronic mail General Information, Sales, Customer Support:

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